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Save with our convenient maintenance packages

It’s important to keep your heating and air conditioning equipment running safely and efficiently. Not only do you save on energy costs, but most breakdowns occur in periods of extreme temperatures. Don’t get caught without your furnace or air conditioner when you need it most.


We offer the following specially-priced preventative maintenance packages for furnace and air conditioning equipment:



Furnace or Air Conditioning Cleaning


Parts and Freon extra


* Clean heat exchanger

* Clean burners

* Clean flame sensor/pilot

* Check controls

* Check gas pressure (if applicable)

* Check blower wheel

* Check blower motor

* Check flue piping

* Check igniter

* Check filter



Furnace Cleaning plus Air Conditioning Checkup


Parts and Freon extra


Includes furnace cleaning from Package 1 plus:

* Clean outdoor unit

* Check Freon level

* Check controls

* Check indoor coil

* Check coil drain

* Check blower wheel

* Check blower motor

* Check A/C circuit breaker

* Check filter

* Check Freon lines


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